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Kim Case Photo

Kim Case, J.D.

I chose LEAD STEM because I want to develop the tools necessary to drive New Jersey's STEM economy-including education and workforce development-to be the very best it can be, for all learners.
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Andrew Garner Photo

Andrew Garner

after working with local employers and a multitude of school districts, I became very award of the need for a movement that inspires students to pursue a career in STEM.
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Bulman Photo

Laylah S. Bulman, MPA

I believe that creating and expanding access to STEM knowledge and building academic and 21st century skills will create active, collaborative, lifelong learners. LEAD STEM will provide me the opportunity for new pathways to broaden STEM equity, so that we can continue inspiring the builders and inventors of tomorrow, preparing them for a successful future..
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Kareen Borders Photo

Kareen Borders, Ed.D.

collaboration with STEM innovators and organizations is highly important. Leaders must engage in lifelong learning and collaboration to catalyze innovation.
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Leyla Riley Photo

Leyla Riley, MPA

I want to further develop as a professional and actively participate in a systems based approach for increasing quality STEM learning opportunities.
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Kari McGann Photo

Kari McGann, MA

New Jersey needs leaders in education that are driven to provide opportunities for all students in STEM, especially girls and students of color, to ultimately build New Jersey's STEM workforce. LEAD STEM brings national leaders together in an interconnected, collaborative effort of a community working towards a shared vision.
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Walker Photo

Joel Walker

I desire to see terrific growth within my local tech community. I also wish to entice newcomers to join up. However, this ambition isn't achievable on my own. Alone, I'm simply not enough. I chose LEAD STEM because I need what they offer: a cohort of amazing supporters; professional leadership development; and well-seasoned guidance.
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Melissa Coleman Photo

Melissa A. Coleman, Ph.D.

students from all backgrounds deserve access to STEM experiences.
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Nancy Watson Photo

Nancy J. Watson, M.Ed.

I am committed to support and increase community involvement, develop workforce pipelines and impact the proficiency of educators’ content and instructional pedagogy in the STEM fields.
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Willonda McCloud Photo

Willonda McCLoud

I choose LEAD STEM because I want to give the children in our community an opportunity to explore careers in STEM in order to move them from poverty to success.
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Kalman Mannis Photo

Kalman Mannis

the developing collaborative is both highly engaged and diverse enough to effectively reach into a blend of urban and rural learners.
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Tina Rolewicz Photo

Tina Rolewicz

I want to amplify the impact of Discovery Cube's programming across all of Southern California and beyond. I'm excited to discovery how I can partner with other ecosystems to create STEM programming that provides immersive, hands-on activities that deepen the understanding of STEM proficiencies and allows access for all children and educators.
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Katie Grootegoed Photo

Katie Grootegoed

I believe STEM skills and a solid STEM Ecosystem can thrust Northeast Ohio past the threshold for a successful and thriving urban community. I believe we can make sustainable change and work together to take steps to insure STEM opportunities are available to all.
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Demetrius Roberts Photo

Demetrius Roberts, Ed.D.

I want to bring people, organizations, and institutions together to make our world better by building synergistic relationships built on our commonalities and strengthen by our differences.
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Raul Reyna Photo

Raul (Rudy) A. Reyna, Ph.D.

I wanted an opportunity to continue to develop my knowledge of STEM education and to develop a stronger network with other successful STEM education leaders to better support the STEM Ecosystem work being done in our community.
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Lisa J. Blank Photo

Lisa J. Blank, M.Ed., MAT

I wish to develop my leadership skills, equipping me to better serve my local community in promotion of STEM education and innovation. We must change practices to ensure that our citizens are equipped with essential skills and habits of mind in preparation for an ever more rapidly changing workforce.
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Gyla Bell Photo

Gyla Bell

of the positive and collaborative approach to learn from other STEM focused professionals to enhance best practices in STEM education, and gain a broader perspective from others in order to best support educators and students.
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Holy Steele Photo

Holly Steele

building and learning from a national network of STEM professionals will better equip our team to advance STEM education in the communities across Orange County.
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Rick Beal Photo

Rick E. Beal, Ph.D.

I want to improve my skills so I can help more people.
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Mary Wilson Arrasmith Photo

Mary Wilson Arrasmith

surrounding myself with STEM-forward professionals who can help me identify best practices in STEM Education and refine processes & resources for our STEM Ecosystem will bring an unsurpassed level of quality professional development to our programs.
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Tom Turner Photo

Tom Turner

it is a unique and powerful platform that allows for a great and positive influence in the collaborative efforts around the push for a wider and brighter future via STEM.
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Debbi Stone Photo

Debbi Stone

I want to continue to find inspiration in actions and passions of other “change-makers” who believe in moving the needle in STEM education. While we all work diligently to make a difference in our communities, we can work together to enhance and augment each other’s efforts for the greatest impact!
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Natasha Smith-Walker Photo

Natasha Smith-Walker

I welcome the opportunity to increase, diversify and develop my skills to meet the vision of ensuring that every child should have access to high quality STEM programming from all communities in Chicago and we develop a workforce that reflects our community.
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Kathleen Schofield photo

Kathleen Schofield

it is critical we work together to develop a pipeline filled with career-ready STEM graduates who are prepared to adapt to the needs of a dynamic and changing economy and workplace. To accomplish to this, we need to assure meaningful shifts in our educational system to better prepare students.
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Larry Plank Photo

Larry Plank

Statement coming soon
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Judd Pittman Photo

Judd Pittman

I want to ensure equitable opportunities in STEM for every student across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania helping to prepare every student for our 21st century economy.
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Eric Meyer Photo

Eric Meyer

I need help in coordinating, leading, delegating, and tracking all of the work of 6 Working Groups in our Ecosystem. I need to develop my skills to lead productive focused meetings with clear actionable outcomes and with empowered and responsible parties who do not work for me.
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Marlena Jones Photo

Marlena Jones

I want to grow as a leader in STEM, strengthen and establish deep connections in STEM education nationally, and because I want to alter the course of diversity and equity in STEM education both in DC and throughout the nation.
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LeeAnne Jimenez Photo

LeeAnne Jimenez

I don’t search for just any professional opportunities, I seek those experiences that will engage me in the real world, in the doing of things. I see LEAD STEM as an opportunity to further develop myself as a resource to my community and as a way to create opportunities in the real world for students.
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Phil Hampton Photo

Phil Hampton

I want to learn how to build systems that will enable the VC STEM network to improve the equity and access to high-quality STEM education in our region.
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Sabrina Gomez Photo

Sabrina Gomez

it will help me develop and exercise my leadership skills because transforming, expanding and improving access to STEM education for youth will largely depend on the development of a deep and diverse talent pool of STEM Leaders who reflect communities and families across the nation.
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Jose Garcia Photo

José Garcia

of the opportunity to develop learning opportunities for educators with a STEM focus to increase student achievement by encouraging inquiry learning to solve tomorrow’s global issues.
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Melissa Dubois Photo

Melissa Dubois, Ph.D.

no one comes to this work with the full compliment of skills needed to succeed in this messy, ever-changing world of educational ecosystems. We learn on the fly and we climb steep learning curves, and now we can rely on one another for support and expertise as we grow this important work.
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Emily Dilger Photo

Emily Dilger, Ph.D.

I am excited to apply advice from experts around the country to our Ecosystem -- and take our impact to the next level.
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Regan Bynder Photo

Regan Bynder

I have an intense interest and commitment to engage with other LEAD STEM participants in defining, developing, and expanding my leadership as it relates to advancing STEM learning and outcomes , working in a community of practice, and furthering the support for alignment of early learning with K – 12 system.
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Winnie Black Photo

Winnie Black, Ph.D.

America needs skilled and talented citizens.
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Lori Flippin Photo

Lori Flippin

implementing engaging, extensive and varied STEM opportunities to develop the future workforce is critically important for the Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Impact Initiative. It is essential to utilize best practices and a collaborative spirit to work towards universal access to STEM programs.
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Dawn Saucier Photo

Dawn Saucier

I have a vested interest in STEM to build the workforce of tomorrow. Having a platform where I can develop my leadership skills that will impact generations of lifelong learners at a state, national and global level is a personal and professional goal. LEAD STEM is that platform.
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Jeremy Babendure Photo

Jeremy Babendure, Ph.D.

I see this is a next step in being the possibly of leading a world wide transformation in science, connection and peace through student voice.
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