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Phil Hampton

Director, VC STEM Network

California State University Channel Islands

“Science is a verb, you do science”, says Dr. Phil Hampton, Director of the Ventura County STEM (VC STEM) network and Interim Director of Educational Partnerships at California State University Channel Islands (CI).” Hampton lives this philosophy by bringing hands-on STEM to the Ventura County community through STEM outreach, grant funded programming, and the annual Science Carnival. He started his academic career as a faculty member at the University of New Mexico after securing his Ph.D. from Stanford University and completing postdoctoral work at Caltech. In 2001, he joined CI as a founding faculty member supporting the launch of CI that opened in 2002. CI serves as the primary lead of VC STEM. Bringing science to the community is one of Dr. Hampton’s greatest passions. He organizes the annual Science Carnival each Fall where over 2000 PK-8 grade students and their parents can engage in 100 hands-on STEM activities. [one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last]