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CAMP:ASPIRE is being made available to ecosystems in two different ways:

Students and families can sign up for CAMP:ASPIRE directly.  This camp will be led by UBTECH. (Ecosystems earn scholarships and revenue through this model.)

Ecosystems purchase the CAMP:ASPIRE Toolkit which includes the robots, the curriculum and needed training to operate the camps themselves. (Ecosystems do not earn scholarships or revenue through this model. This is the model where ecosystems or their partners purchase the CAMP:ASPIRE Toolkits for reduced fees and operate them with their own instructors.)


In order for your ecosystem to be considered for the scholarship and revenue program, your ecosystem must sign up here before May 15.  (If you do not know which ecosystem serves you, please email

To receive revenue share, TIES will also need a copy of a W9 from your fiscal agent to complete payment.  W9s are due at the time of sign up and should be sent to

(We will have $100,000 in scholarships to divide among participating ecosystems who commit to marketing the program in their communities.)

Expectations for program participation are for ecosystems to:

  • Commit to sharing information about CAMP:ASPIRE with members of your ecosystem.
    • We have developed various marketing materials that can assist you. Please access them here:
    • Some funders may also be interested in supporting the costs of offering CAMP:ASPIRE scholarships for students you serve. We have developed some resources to support you with fundraising efforts. Please access them here:
  • Commit to sharing your observations about the CAMP:ASPIRE experience with the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice by responding to a questionnaire that will be sent to you at the conclusion of the program.
  • Commit to sharing scholarships in your ecosystem. (You will have total discretion to define how scholarships are utilized.)


Once $1 million in CAMP:ASPIRE registration fees are collected through UBTECH’s direct sales and ecosystem sales, additional scholarships will become available.

Ecosystems will earn 1 scholarship for every 10 CAMP:ASPIRE sessions that are sold.

UBTECH will track participation levels and provide reports to TIES with details to share with ecosystems regarding additional scholarship opportunities.


In addition to scholarships, UBTECH will be offering the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice 10% of all CAMP:ASPIRE net revenues from  UBTECH or the STEM Learning Ecosystems. (After costs, the net revenue will be divided equally between individual participating ecosystems and the overall STEM Learning Ecosystems initiative.)

TIES will be issuing two payments to ecosystems – one in late July and the final payment in late September.

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