STEM Talks

Presented by STEM@Home, an initiative launched by the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice – STEM TALKS is a podcast devoted to issues related to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and its impact on learning.

Driving Action to Eliminate the Digital Divide

Having decent Internet in every home is no longer a “nice” to have. It’s a must.

National experts and thought leaders, Drs. Lin Wells of George Mason University and David Bray of the Atlantic Council, offer practical strategies and tips for what you can be doing now to help call attention and drive action to the staggering problem of the digital divide.

Dr. Calvin Mackie gives a Message on HOPE

Today’s episode is a long overdue message about HOPE. Award winning mentor, inventor, internationally renowned Speaker, Author, and STEM Entrepreneur, Dr. Calvin Mackie, gives us a message of hope in this time of crisis.

Dr. Mackie is the founder of STEM NOLA, a non-profit organization founded to expose, inspire and engage communities about the opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and lead organization for the Greater New Orleans STEM Ecosystem.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mackie found his voice, purpose and community. Dr. Mackie gives us something to think about in finding ourselves and our purpose during these challenging times.

A deeper dive into the state of Indiana’s re-opening discussions.

Join us to hear from Reginald McGregor, Manager of Engineering Employee Development at Rolls-Royce, Founding member of the Indiana STEM Ecosystem, President of the Lawrence Twp School Board.

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Updates from the White House with Bose Policy Group

Della Cronin of the Bose Public Affairs Group analyzes a recent relaxation of rules by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Listen to Cronin explain what this change could signal for your school district, your state and how you can be playing a role.

US Federal Policy and COVID19

Washington-based Advocate Della Cronin of the Bose Public Affairs Group and James Brown of the STEM Education Coalition joined STEM Ecosystems Co-Director Alyssa Briggs in a discussion about what ecosystem leaders can expect from the current stimulus package and what they need to be doing now to ensure that students and STEM are well served in future pieces of legislation.

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Superintendents Share

This episode is a panel discussion with 3 superintendents from around the country working to serve their students, families, teachers and general community during this time. Featured in the conversation are superintendents: Dr. Brian Brotschul,Superintendent, Delran Township School District, Patti LaBarm, Superintendent, Watertown City School District, and Pedro Martinez, Superintendent, San Antonio Independent School District

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An Interview with Jeff Weld

What can we hope to learn during this pandemic

The first podcast in this series features SLECoP Director Alyssa Briggs interviewing Jeff Weld, former director of the Federal Government’s Office of Science Technology Policy, about the pandemic, what it means for STEM learning and what action ecosystem leaders should be taking today.

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