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The STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice & TIES
Awards Their First-Ever Gold Seal to

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Partnership with For the Win Robotics (FTW) empowers educators to bring engaging drone coding and programming experiences to K-12 learners in all settings.

“Our partnership with FTW highlights Build | Fly | Code as the gold standard
in drone-based STEM and computer science programming.”
Jan Morrison, founder and chief executive officer of TIES

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All Grades of Learners K — 12+ and Standards-Aligned Including:

Common Core State Standards - Next Generation Science Standards - International Society for Technology in Education Standards - Computer Science Teachers Association K-12 Computer Science Standards- Career Technical Education Career Ready Practices

Total Solution for Relevant, Engaging Learning Using Drone Technology.

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Teach Math and Science Concepts Including Geometry and Physics

Students learn best when they see the relevance of what they are studying. Students engaged in Build | Fly | Code work with math and science in a real setting, developing reasoning, algebraic skills and spatial thinking in a live, hands-on science experience.

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Offer Career Exploration

Drones are used in countless industries. The Build | Fly | Code experience exposes students to possible career opportunities and aligns perfectly with career ready skills that are needed to thrive in the 21st Century.

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Retain More Knowledge

Research has shown that students who physically experience scientific concepts understand them more deeply.

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Teach Coding Skills

The coding experience that is part of Build | Fly | Code provides students an opportunity to learn and apply block- and text-based coding to relevant projects furthering the learning.

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Promote Intellectual Curiosity and Resilience

Learners are immersed into an entire platform where they learn to build, fly, and code - all in a seamless process where they practice trying, failing, and succeeding.

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Foster Creativity

The Build | Fly | Code program requires students to tap into their creativity. There is no single way to build, fly or code drones, or one single way to solve a problem. Students are empowered to imagine the possibilities and to have their ideas take flight.

FTW Event participant

Offer Opportunities for Integrating a Wide Range of Subjects

Build | Fly | Code offers strong possibilities for interdisciplinary learning by integrating multiple subjects into the overall process of building, flying and coding drones, including literacy, arts, civic engagement, design and more.

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Provide Great Project-Based Learning & Engagement

Students work with their hands on relevant and tangible projects that incorporate the essential project design elements of project-based learning.

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Develop Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination

Learners manipulate various aspects of the drone, including the hands-on portion of building and troubleshooting with hardware, to piloting the drone using various methods.

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Philanthropic Program for STEM Ecosystems Community of Practice

Five percent (5%) of all money spent on Build | Fly | Code programming and hardware by communities within the SLECoP network will go directly towards providing Build | Fly | Code for underrepresented and underserved student populations in the SLECoP network. All needed hardware, software and professional development will be donated by FTW to communities selected by a committee created by the partnership. FTW has committed up to $100,000 generated by this partnership towards the give program.