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CHIPS and Science ACT of 2022 & YOU BELONG IN STEM



International STEM Day Festive Header


The $52 billion Chips and Science Act of 2022 could bring precedent-setting change to education – especially education initiatives aligned to workforce needs of today and tomorrow.

At the same time, the U.S. Department of Education is ramping up its work to make STEM visible and accessible to all with its YOU BELONG in STEM campaign.

These two initiatives are critical for efforts to improve STEM opportunities for all. TIES and the STEM Learning Ecosystems have been working to create opportunities for STEM Ecosystems of all varieties to collaborate.


Collaborate with diverse partners from all sectors?

Prioritize equity?

Share what works and why?

Learn and grow?

Here are some resources that will help:
To build awareness of STEM Ecosystems as they relate to the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, TIES has compiled “The STEM Ecosystems Briefing Book: Collected Thoughts About Our Nation’s STEM Needs – An Exploration of How STEM Ecosystems Are Uniquely Positioned to Address Those Needs.” 

STEM Ecosystems have the power to foster innovation in school districts, provide vital teacher training and collaboration with the scientific workforce, improve STEM education in afterschool programs, and diversify STEM fields through higher education programs.

A vital part of effective STEM Ecosystems is fostering belonging. YOU BELONG IN STEM, a new initiative by the U.S. Department of Education intended to modernize STEM education. The goal is that all students and educators, no matter their background, know without hesitation that they have a place in STEM classrooms and careers.

The SLECoP activities kick off TODAY which is National STEM Day.

Call to Action:
All STEM Ecosystems are invited to celebrate the theme #YouBelongInSTEM beginning November 8,2022, National STEM Day by making a YOU Belong in STEM Commitment:

YOU Belong In STEM Commitment:
YOU Belong In STEM commitments are specific, and measurable actions taken by ecosystem partners in support of achieving the ultimate goal of fostering a strong sense of belonging in STEM among students and educators. Commitments can be large or small and will be as diverse as the tapestry of STEM communities scattered across the globe. They must represent new initiatives that will reach additional scholars or work that increases the reach of existing STEM programs to include more students who have historically been excluded from STEM opportunities.

All STEM Ecosystems are invited to end all emails, phone calls and Zoom meetings with “YOU Belong In STEM!” during the week of November 8-15, 2022

YOU Belong In STEM Pro Tips:

Collaborate with STEM Ecosystem partners to bring intentional, sustainable and long lasting focus to the following in STEM:

  1. Include – Invite all students and educators to participate in world class STEM education to prep them and our country for the future
  2. Enfold – Embrace all students in STEM so that they don’t just have access to STEM but experience equitable impact in STEM
  3. Engage – Listen to students and educators in STEM. Learn from their perspectives and interests. Help them to develop a deep sense of belonging in STEM.
  4. Inspire – Empower students to not only feel a part, but move beyond to developing an identity in STEM. Help them to become captivated by the promise and power of STEM. Support them in the journey from being a part of the group to being a champion of STEM
  5. Celebrate – Enjoy and showcase the work, dreams, failures and process of STEM in the lives of students, educators and communities to foster a sense of belonging in STEM

Explore a fresh approach to fostering a sense of belonging in STEM by choosing one or more ideas from our #YouBelongInSTEM Playlist
#YouBelongInSTEM Playlist(STEM Ecosystems)