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STEM Learning Ecosystems Leaders Rock!



Congratulations to Higher Education Visionaries for Recognition as Academic Leaders


Carnegie Corporation of New York today named seven exceptional American college and university presidents as recipients of its Academic Leadership Award. The honor consists of $500,000 in support for each winner’s academic initiatives.

The award recognizes educators who, in addition to fulfilling their administrative and managerial roles with dedication and creativity, demonstrate vision and an outstanding commitment to excellence in undergraduate education, the liberal arts, equal opportunity, the development of major interdisciplinary programs, international engagement, and the promotion of strong ties between their institutions and their local communities.

 STEM Learning Ecosystems commends the Award recipients and agrees wholeheartedly with the recognition. Members of the Ecosystems Initiative are fortunate to benefit from the vision and collaboration of two of the recipients.

Nariman Farvardin is president of Stevens Institute of Technology, a collaborating partner with the STEM Pathways Network (which kickstarted several STEM Learning Ecosystems in NJ). He emphasizes experiential learning opportunities as a way for students to connect their education to work in their chosen fields.

Barbara R. Snyder, president of Case Western Reserve University, has forged multiple community partnerships for programs that assist students in obtaining bachelor’s degrees in the humanities and STEM fields. CWRU is an integral member of the Northeast Ohio STEM Learning Ecosystem.

Jan Morrison, Founding Member of STEM Learning Ecosystems and Executive Director at The Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM education, applauds the recognition of these Academic Visionaries. “Nariman Farvardin is an innovator, advancing the role of higher education with a STEM imperative. His leadership for the last decades and now in New Jersey is unparalleled,” she said.

“Barbara Snyder has enabled CWRU to meet its greatest potential in Northeast Ohio and throughout the globe. She is an innovator, collaborator and visionary in higher education,” Morrison continued.

STEM Learning Ecosystems congratulate these leaders who, like us, are focused on creating a pervasive innovative workforce throughout the USA.



*STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math