Business Partnership Development Boot Camp Session Description

Business Partnership Development Boot Camp Session Description
May 17, 2022

Tuesday: 2:40 PM – 3:25 PM

Session Two – Building a Partnership (Business)

Videos from Strategic Advisory Council members on one of their sponsored events

  • Presenters:
  • Adding value, return on the investment – Reginald McGregor, Rolls Royce
  • The cheat sheet (What’s in the an Annual Report; ) – Natalie Dusi, Qualcomm
  • Research what is important (our locations, HQ, STEM engagement, hiring talent, retaining talent the message  – Engagement not gifting – Marzell Brown, Rockwell
  • Closing the deal!  Understand customer reach, workforce needs, overall impact on the global economy.  – Reginald McGregor, Rolls Royce 
  • Diversify portfolio – local partnerships, state partnerships, national partnerships. Scott Heimlich, Amgen

Interactive Activity: Review your Business Partnership portfolio with members of the Strategic Advisory Council who are attending the convening so that they can provide feedback and tips on ways to make your portfolio of business partners even stronger.


Take away: Participants will walk away with a better understanding of ways to diversify their business partner portfolio, and the avenues of collaboration open to them in a true business/industry partnership (e.g. Volunteers? Technology? Products? Curriculum? Venue Space?Equipment? Board service program?)Attendees should expect to leave the session with initial plans for diversifying their business partnership portfolio and ways to deepen existing industry partner relationships.   

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