Communication and Community Engagement Resources

Communication and Community Engagement Resources


Telling a story or articulating your goals is a critical, often forgotten part of this work. Find out how others are building community awareness for STEM and improving outcomes for families. 

Omaha Message Map 

Omaha STEM Ecosystem developed a message map to give members talking points when engaging stakeholders unfamiliar with the Ecosystem. See the message map here

Frameworks Institute 

The FrameWorks Institute is a nonprofit think tank that advances the mission-driven sector’s capacity to frame the public discourse about social and scientific issues. The organization’s signature approach, Strategic Frame Analysis®, offers empirical guidance on what to say, how to say it, and what to leave unsaid.


Communications Summary Webinar SLECoP 

Three STEM Learning Ecosystems discuss how they have created a buzz about the work. From early stages of progress to scaled state and national efforts, these ecosystem leaders provide valuable stories and easy to implement strategies. Read the summary here.

STEM in PA Video

The Department of Education in Pennsylvania asked partners throughout the state to share what STEM looks like in their community. The result was shared at the ISTE EdTech Conference in June 2019. Watch the video here. 

New Jersey STEM Pathways Network – NJ STEM Month 

The NJSPN expanded NJ STEM Week to a whole month at the request of the former State Secretary of Higher Education. By gubernatorial proclamation, see how NJ STEM Month has taken the state by storm every March.  Watch NJ celebrate NJ STEM Month here.  

Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative

In 2014, the ecosystem created a STEM Companion Guide to help families talk to their children about STEM and understand why that conversation is worthy. Complete with real stories about students and their STEM experiences, ecosystem leaders often distribute the guide at various events.

STEM career opportunities are also featured in the guide, which is downloadable in both English and Spanish. Access the online guide here

Read the complete GCSC story here. 

NYSCI Neighbors – Queens, NY STEM Learning Ecosystem

NYSCI Neighbors partners with Spanish language television stations to enter homes further simplify STEM concepts, connecting learning with everyday life. 

See NYSCI Neighbor television segments here and here.   

Read more about Queen’s ecosystem’s quest to communicate with families here. 

Remake Learning, Pittsburgh, PA’s STEM Learning Ecosystem

The leaders of Remake Learning of Pittsburgh are active in posting regularly about expanded education opportunities.  Publications are always available

The leaders of this vibrant ecosystem said that constant communication, through a variety of channels, has been critical to building engagement with their communities and families they serve. 

Ecosystem Leader, LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill, shares communication tips on a STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice Webinar. 

Additionally, the ecosystem hosts a hands-on learning festival across southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia: Remake Learning Days. The ecosystem leverages partners expertise and existing trust within communities to best engage families. 

A toolkit, event finder and planning guides are available on the Remake Learning Days site

California’s hopes to expand early literacy campaign to include math 

Taking a page out of the early reading early literacy playbook, the Bay Area STEM Ecosystem and other California ecosystems are hoping to promote early math awareness and basic math literacy. This means that students know their numbers, shapes and that they would be proficient in math at grade level by the third grade, the first time we assess students in math. 

Still raising the funds to launch the campaign, the ecosystem hopes to replicate the public awareness campaign and provide resources that the Talk, Read, Sing campaign has been able to provide. The ecosystem aims to expand the campaign into Talk, Read, Sing and Count.  

Read more about the Talk, Read, Sing campaign here

See examples of the Talk, Read, Sing television spots here.

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