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Category: Family Research

Expanding Access and Inclusion in STEM through Culturally Responsive Family Engagement

Research shows that families are critical to the encouragement and navigation support of STEM learning for youth. Culturally responsive family engagement is especially important for program providers to consider in that it maximizes the strength and potential of all communities, most notably the populations most underrepresented in STEM fields. Culturally responsive programs respect cultural differences of families across race, language, geography, religion and nationality.

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Family Engagement: Taking it to the Next Level

As part of the STEM Next Opportunity Fund’s Family Engagement Project, this case study features the Greene Scholars Program and Digital Youth Divas as programs doing exceptional family engagement work. The study focuses on the following four areas highlighted in the programs that make for successful family engagement efforts.

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Global Parents Survey

In a comprehensive study of more than 27,000 parents from across the globe, the Varkey Foundation set out to discover the hopes, fears and aspirations of parents in 29 countries.

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