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STEM Connector LogoFor students, educators and parents, Summer 2021 will be a return to “normal” with in-person experiences returning following the past year of response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Historically, summer offers students STEM learning opportunities that are impossible during the regular school year.  From remediation to camps to project-based and work-based learning opportunities, summer can be a time for reinforcement, growth and exploration.  The same is true for educators who can also find opportunities to hone their craft. Engaging employers in meaningful ways in supporting these summer experiences provides opportunities that can benefit the entire community.

This event brings together a panel of practitioners from industry and education to explore how employers can support STEM during the summer months.  With the experience of the past year in mind, panelists will address how their organizations are supporting impactful summer learning experiences with a specific focus on what role employers can play as we return to a new “normal” summertime.

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Drew Glassford, CEO, Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dundee
  • Hillary McDonald, Corporate Social Responsibility Lead, North America, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Reginald McGregor, Engineering Workforce Development & STEM Strategy, Rolls-Royce America