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An introduction to why Storytelling works for STEM

Once upon a time, there was a teacher and there were students. The teacher was supreme and all-knowing. The teacher had the answers for everything and the respect of the students. 

Fact or fiction?

Hard to tell.

But if it were ever true, those days are long gone.

Join this interactive and hands-on E2E session to learn more about how you can bring the power of storytelling to your students to increase their engagement.

More About This Workshop:

Today’s learners live in the most stimulating time in history and struggle to see the point of learning content to pass a test.  Teachers today have stiff competition for their students’ attention and increasingly must adapt to new methods of reaching learners.

Countless studies have confirmed and documented the power of storytelling to both engage, persuade and educate. Stories capture students’ imaginations. They evoke empathy. They captivate. They even stimulate the brain in ways that medical researchers have confirmed lead to stronger recall.

Storytelling is a critical tool for classroom teachers – especially those who concentrate on the STEM disciplines. 

Many students complain that courses in science, technology, engineering and math are difficult to connect to and less relevant to their “real-world.”  As educators, however, we know these courses are critical for ensuring that students pursue STEM after high school. The shortage of STEM-trained professionals – and especially STEM professionals of Color – has exploded and threatens the nation’s economy. At the same time, we know that STEM professions offer rewarding and highly lucrative careers.