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Time: 8:45 AM -9:30 AM


Mentors from Johnson & Johnson join forces with the Lancaster County STEM Alliance, School  District staff and post-secondary institutions to offer young people a variety of learning  experiences. This partnership commits to keeping issues of diversity, equity and inclusion at the  forefront of conversations, decision-making, and day-to-day operations. Together, these  partners provide STEM2D (science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing and design)  skills, as well as important college and career readiness skills. 


Learning goals. A clear understanding of this strategic program that could greatly improve the  outlook and future of high school students. The topics are defined in the outline provided.  Failure has been addressed with the support of the National consultant that is provided with  this program. New strategies and techniques for improvement have been implemented and we  continue to course correct our programming weekly.  

An overview of the program will be conducted in a power point format. During the session,  we’ll engage the audience by diving deeper into specific topics of interest by having an open  conversation. Each attendee will be provided with the outline along with contact information  for follow up and resource links. We’ll also provide an engaging activity that was implemented  in our local BTE program.  

Outline: Project Description: This will unfold as we walk through this outline.  

Issue and/or Need: Why it’s relevant for our region. What you might consider to determine if  this would be a good fit for your area.  

Program Partners.  

Employee Engagement: BTE Mentors responsibilities will be highlighted as well as the strategy  for training and implementation. 

Target Students: Eligibility criteria will be highlighted.  

Calendar of Events.  

Outcomes: These drive our activities, experiences and programming.  

How to connect to your BTE Program: Resources and contact information for your region will  be provided.