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Time: 2:40 PM – 4:20 PM


“Learn how to activate young adults in your community to lead high quality STEM programs!  This session is intended as PART I of the “STEAMbassadors – From the community 


for the community” sessions.” 

Audience and Impact: 

OBJECTIVES: 1) Organizations will be introduced to Project Exploration and will learn about the  STEAMbassador initiative, created by Northwestern University. 2) We will explain the  importance of reflective human resources as a way to engage students on a deeper level in  high-quality STEM programming. 3) Participants will understand that the STEAMbassador  initiative invests in people, which impacts prosperity, and affects the planet – on a small and  large scale. 

TOPICS: Mentorship, young adult engagement, partnership, community investment FORMAT: Presentation with an opportunity for Q&A at the conclusion 

Proposed Length: This session is best suited for ecosystem leads and/or heads of  organizations that are looking to build and develop their human capital in a meaningful way. If  you are wanting to activate young people in your community and implement reflective human  resource practices, this session will be of interest.