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Tuesday, June 21st, 1:45-2:30 PM EST.

Engaging students in improving their communities through STEM and public policy

In this session, Engaging students in improving their communities through STEM and public policy, participants will learn about a unique project-based learning challenge for high school students that connects the UN Sustainability Goals, the engineering design process, and the legislative branch of government. Participants will learn about the development of this initiative along with the impact which utilized Pear’s Common Instrument Suite. Participants will also be exposed to a unique mentoring platform that connects students with industry mentors. Lastly, session leaders will highlight student engagement with state policymakers. Session Abstract (600 characters max.) How does your topic align to the People, Planet, Prosperity theme? Abstracts should clearly and concisely identify presentation topic and delivery format. Hint – this will be used to advertise your session during the convening – make it clear and engaging! *

Communities are faced with a variety of challenges and their youngest stakeholders are often left voiceless and unempowered. From natural disasters to a pandemic, if given the change, students are able to identify their communities’ most pressing problems and provide impactful solutions. What if we empower students to spearhead the process of designing the solution for building resilient communities? How can we make STEM more relevant for the URM population? #NJSTEMTogether Communities Challenge is an annual statewide challenge for New Jersey high school students to come together and design a solution for a problem in their community. Students present their solution to state elected officials and industry professionals. Come and experience the challenge!