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Time: 9:40 AM – 10:25 AM


When you start down the ecosystem path, you quickly realize there is no finish line. However  you define STEM, whatever you intend do to promote equity or safeguard the planet or  promote social mobility, none of it matters if your ecosystem implodes or withers away. How  do you keep on making a difference in the lives of teachers, students and communities? Learn  sustainability lessons in an interactive and hopefully fun way from a 4th generation STEM  ecosystem while exploring your own ecosystem through lenses of love that seem to matter.  


The learning goal is simple, and that is to take a hard look at ways in which each participant,  regardless of their, role adds to or detracts from the capacity for sustainability of their  ecosystem. 

A rough outline since June is still far, far away: 

I am thinking of this session as a guided inquiry. I will pose questions around a framework for  thinking about STEM ecosystems as complex webs of human relationships, but the context for  participants will be largely derived from their own experiences rather than mine. 

I am not sure about what is meant by addressing failure. My own failure as a facilitator of  learning? Failure of X, Y or Z in an ecosystem? Generally speaking, failure is repeating the same  mistake over and over again. I will try to make new mistakes in this session.