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During this E2E we will discuss the Imagine Science collaboration and how to  create a model with local partnerships in your community.  


In our community we have a variety of organizations that were providing STEM camps and after  school programs, however, we didn’t have a curriculum that we thought was advancing STEM  to the people {youth} in our community or making a significant impact. After meeting with our  local ecosystem, and voicing those concerns, we were introduced to Imagine Science. The local  funder worked to create the cohort of organizations which include the local version of the  national partners: 4H, Boys and Girls Club and Girls Inc. a local community organization, Bright  Side Opportunities Center. Additionally, our model is the first of its kind because as it is locally  funded the Lancaster County STEM Alliance. This allowed us to add some important local  partners that although, they do not have a national presence they were important in our local  ecosystem. 


Learning Goals – Provide some practical ways to collaborate with perceived competing agencies  to gain maximum impact for the people {youth} in our community.  

Topics Covered – Planning a county-wide curriculum. Deciding who should do what? How to  become and maintain sustainability? Training and relationship building among the team  members? How will this impact your community? What the are the goals and outcomes? Is  there a tool for measuring those outcomes? 

Audience Engagement – Ice Breakers to use for the team? Training Modules from Girls Inc. that  have been impactful for our Team. 


Introduction of Team Members and their Role within Group 

Discuss the Imagine Science hybrid model

Roles and Training  

Impact and Outcomes 

Audience and Impact: 

This session is for afterschool and out of school providers looking to make a positive impact on  the people {youth} in their community without reinventing the wheel to create meaningful and  impactful content.