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Time: 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM


Nearly $6 million in grants have been awarded in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program  since 2009. This program focuses directly on People, Planet and Prosperity. Both municipalities  and schools have learned to implement and document over 120 actions from the list of best  practices called “actions”. We will analyze many practices for changing human behaviors, by  navigating the platform requirements to “prove” your work via a fun filled scavenger hunt. This  session will open your mind to all the collaborative benefits of beginning this ecosystem based  work in your own communities! 


To face critical issues such as the climate crisis, schools need to be a part of the solution to  these challenges. Sustainable Jersey for Schools was created as a free, voluntary certification  program for PreK to 12th grade public schools in NJ. The program provides guidance, support,  and recognition to schools that implement steps to be sustainable in their operations and  proactive in preparing students for the challenges they will face in the future. Rigorous  certification actions cover a wide range of topic areas focusing on the three equal, interrelated  components of sustainability: People, who contribute to a strong civil society that provides  opportunity for all; Prosperity, to support local economies and wise use of community  resources; and Planet to practice responsible environmental management and conservation.  Since the launch of the Sustainable Jersey municipal program in 2009 and the Sustainable  Jersey for Schools program in 2014, participants have successfully implemented and  documented over 18,500 actions from a list of best practices. These actions are designed with  flexibility to meet the varying needs of all districts and schools. Successful completion of actions  contributes points towards varying levels of certification. Go through the platform to learn  specific actions you can use in your own programs, with standards based professional  requirements to “prove” your work. The goal will be to start your own platform in your own  communities.