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Building and growing your ecosystem – especially in a virtual world forced by the pandemic – is more challenging than ever. However, when you approach future workforce planning, you’ll find that three things must come together for success: data, science, and technology. First, armed with reliable, current data, you can shape your strategy and plan. Next, the incorporation of science into your career assessment strategy helps uncover talent’s purpose and passion for the ideal career fit. And finally, technology can bring everything together by helping identify the right fit and making connections in a virtual environment. Join Tallo as they discuss how the trifecta of data, science, and technology can be used to plan and recruit your future workforce. They’ll draw on examples of ecosystems’ successes as well as share examples of current workforce trends that will help in your strategizing and planning.

PRESENTERS: John Welch, Co-Founder and Head of Workforce, Tallo Jennifer Kolb, Director of Workforce Initiatives, Tallo

FOCUS AREAS: Cross-Sector Partnerships, Systems that Sustain the Work, Equity, Virtual Pivots