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Time: 2:40 PM – 4:20 PM

Developing STEM Competencies and Wellness With Applied Sport Science (RowingSTEM)

A problem that STEM educators face is developing learning environments that are interactive and apply to real-world situations. Additionally, rowing is a sport that has not traditionally been available to under-resourced communities.

The gROW Tulsa program provides access to rowing activities for under-resourced populations. The RowingSTEM curriculum has been developed by Tulsa Youth Rowing Association. An innovative mobile app collects data from a Concept2 Rowing Machine and can help students perform data analysis and develop math and science competencies.

This breakout session will demonstrate the use of the app that collects data from the machine and discusses how the technology is employed to support students in learning concepts such as data analysis and graphing among other topics using applied Physics and Mathematics.

Time permitting, the topic of competency-based rubrics will also be explored. The discussions will involve the concepts of moving away from grades to mastery through the development of effective feedback loops.