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Time: 8:45 AM – 10:25 AM

Session Description

Are you agile? Join us for a creative drawing activity and interactive session to learn more about the Agilities skill framework and how you can leverage career exploration tools and resources to inspire students in STEM and expand career pathways.

Agilities are the work skills found in all jobs. They are a combination of your strengths AND your interests. Helping people become more aware of their Agilities; affirming they have value in the marketplace; and inspiring them to take action; helps them become more informed career decision makers across their lifetime.  

Join the team from Kansas City for a fun drawing lesson, an introduction to the Agilities, examples of tactical ways to integrate the Agilities in school and after-school settings like FIRST robotics, and a conversation about ways to build a sense of belonging and confidence through Draw Your Future with Agilities and other team-building activities. The Agile Work Profiler can be effectively used at key transition points as a reflection tool during an individual’s education/career life cycle, so this session is relevant for anyone working across the STEM talent pipeline.