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Family Engagement: Taking it to the Next Level

As part of the STEM Next Opportunity Fund’s Family Engagement Project, this case study features the Greene Scholars Program and Digital Youth Divas as programs doing exceptional family engagement work. The study focuses on the following four areas highlighted in the programs that make for successful family engagement efforts.

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Women Living STEM

Advice from trailblazers and strategies to elevate the role of women in science. Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan, the first woman to walk in space, shared that in college she was “forced”

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Newton to Bernoulli – Engaging Tomorrow’s Innovators – Early Childhood Workshop by the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance

Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance is engaging and inspiring students at a young age to set them up for STEM success. See two demonstration units appropriate for PreK-3rd grade students on Archimedes and Bernoulli.

The Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance presented this workshop as an “Ecosystem to Ecosystem – E2E” session during the Fall 2018 STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice Convening in Newport Beach, CA in November 2018.

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A Panel: STEM in Early Childhood – Why It’s Important to STEM Learning Ecosystems

Why is early childhood STEM education significant? What is the importance of adopting a larger-than-life, ecosystem perspective when looking at early childhood STEM education? What does that look like in math and science education across multiple learning environments? The session highlights key research findings from leading early childhood STEM education experts. Each researcher discusses one critical area in a brief format followed by a moderated discussion.

Newport Beach, CA – Fall 2018 STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice Convening


Richard Arum, UC Irvine

Kimberly Brenneman, Heising-Simons Foundation

Deborah J. Stipek, Stanford Graduate School of Education

Greg J. Duncan, UC Irvine, Department of Education

Douglas Clements, University of Denver, Early Math Education

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