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Pre-college STEM programs can inform equitable college admissions

As with all sectors of society, the education world has been upended and we are all searching for ways to make sense of what is, what was and what will be. The pandemic, the postponement of college board tests and the growing trend of test results becoming optional for college admissions presents a unique opportunity to reevaluate the entire college admissions process.

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Our Neighborhood

With funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, TIES developed Our Neighborhood, a playbook that contains hundreds of resources for families to use for engaging their children in meaningful

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TGR EDU: Explore

From TGR Foundation and Discovery Education, TGR EDU: Explore is a no-cost digital platform for educators and students. TGR EDU: Explore provides students and educators free access to TGR Foundation’s

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Wisdom from students

San Antonio Convening of STEM Learning Ecosystems taps ideas from those closest to learning. More than 30 students attended and spoke at the semi-annual convening of the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice, offering advice and thoughts for STEM leaders throughout the world.

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Science dictates policy in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg Tuesday told more than 500 members of the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice that “Here in San Antonio, Science dictates policy.” His comments came a day after he declared that the city was in a state of emergency due to what he called missteps by the Centers for Disease Control for releasing a patient into the general public who had tested positive for the COVID-19 illness.

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‘You don’t take a white boy and put him on your brochure’

Bobb was one of three speakers on a keynote panel, “Inventing Tomorrow: Cultivating a New Generation of Problem Solvers,” sponsored by the Lemelson Foundation with support from Qualcomm Foundation. Bobb and other panelists are interested in creating conditions that will eliminate barriers for marginalized students and foster students’ ability to invent. “We must remember that marginalization is not a passive thing – it’s active,” said Bobb. “Someone is culpable.” 

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STEM According to Mr. Rogers

By Jeremy Shorr, Director of Digital Innovation and Early Learning for TIES “The most important learning is the ability to accept and expect mistakes, and deal with the disappointments that

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STEM Careers + Families: Learning Centers and Museums

As part of the STEM Next Opportunity Fund’s Family Engagement Project, this case study features the family engagement work of the New York Hall of Science, NYSCI, and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, OMSI. Both NYSCI and OMSI are innovation museums that help families better understand the connection between STEM in museums, in their homes and future career pathways.

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Expanding Access and Inclusion in STEM through Culturally Responsive Family Engagement

Research shows that families are critical to the encouragement and navigation support of STEM learning for youth. Culturally responsive family engagement is especially important for program providers to consider in that it maximizes the strength and potential of all communities, most notably the populations most underrepresented in STEM fields. Culturally responsive programs respect cultural differences of families across race, language, geography, religion and nationality.

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