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Share Stories of Impact About the Work of Your Ecosystem

Feb. 12, 2022 

We are looking for stories of how your Ecosystem has made a difference in the lives of individuals and the communities you serve.

We want to feature these stories on the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice website and throughout social media. And we also want to share them with members of Congress who will be considering the Strengthening STEM Ecosystems Act, a bill that would provide $25 million to individual STEM Ecosystems.

The stories can be short videos of up to three minutes, photos with great captions, blogs, feature stories or a simple listing of facts. You can decide what vehicle best captures the message. We are requesting that photos, properly labeled and with any needed releases, accompany blogs, feature stories or listings of facts. 

Key Questions to Consider for Producing Your Stories of Impact

(These are just meant to prompt your thinking. You do not need to answer all of them in your story of impact.)

  1. What changed as a result of the work of my Ecosystem? (It could be a change for an individual or an entire community.)

  2. What does your Ecosystem do?

  3. How old is your Ecosystem?

  4. Who are the people who are most impacted by your work?

  5. How is your work affecting the economy of your community?

  6. What is your partnership with business and industry like? How are they engaged?

The Deadline: Yesterday.

In all seriousness, we need your stories as soon as possible.

The sooner that you send them into us, the more we can do to elevate them among those in a position to consider the Strengthening STEM Ecosystems Act. 

Please submit your stories here.