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Bedtime Math’s ‘Cabin Fever’ to give families tools to pry children from their screens; 

Math workshop is first in series of resources to support at-home STEM learning

The STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice, a global network of STEM leaders, have pulled together to release STEM@Home™, a series of tools intended to help families keep learning going for their children while school and out-of-school activities are suspended.

TIES, the operator and co-founder of the STEM Ecosystems, is compiling resources that include a series of webinars and workshops and a curated list of practical at-home STEM activities geared for all ages.  

The first webinar, Cabin Fever Math!, organized by Bedtime Math, is scheduled for 1 p.m. (eastern time) Thursday and will offer families a practical approach for getting kids away from their video games and televisions sets. 

Bedtime Math has assembled a suite of grab-and-go activities that families can do at home and its founder, Laura Overdeck, will lead this exciting first of numerous webinars pitched to arm families with actionable resources.

Please register for this free webinar. And visit our growing list of resources.

“It’s times like this when the power and the value of the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice becomes very visible. Over the last few days, we’ve heard from so many of you who have questions and are looking for resources. And we’ve heard from even more of you who have ideas and information to share,” said Marc Siciliano, managing partner of TIES.

While STEM@Home™ grows, TIES is also planning additional virtual gatherings and resource sharing to keep the SLECoP growing and vibrant. 

“The need for the SLECoP and all that Community of Practice can offer in terms of resource sharing has probably never been greater.  And TIES is honored to be in a position to be leading this initiative, with your support and guidance,” said Jan Morrison, founder of TIES and co-founder of the STEM Ecosystems initiative. 

About STEM Learning Ecosystems

Founded in 2015, the SLECoP is a global initiative of education and business leaders who know that prosperous communities are built through collaboration, a willingness to reimagine education and provide opportunities to those commonly neglected. It includes 89 ecosystems operating in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Israel and Kenya. 

The December 2018 Federal five-year strategic plan, Charting A Course for Success: America’s Strategy for STEM Education, identified STEM ecosystems as the number one strategy for improving STEM literacy, ensuring a strong workforce and global competitiveness for all, and an important means to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in a thriving STEM workforce.

The initiative was built on the fundamental, evidence-based belief that learning happens everywhere, not just in traditional classrooms. Consequently, ecosystems are made up of partners representing K-12 public and private education, business and industry, after-school providers, non-profits, STEM-rich institutions, government and philanthropy. Ecosystem partners work toward shared goals to improve STEM opportunities for all, necessary skills for an economy yet to be conceived and ensuring policies meet 21st century needs. 

It is supported by numerous funders and partners, including Amgen Foundation, Broadcom Foundation, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Cleveland Foundation, DigitalC, Fowler Family Foundation, Huntington Bank, Nord Family Foundation, Nordson, Overdeck Family Foundation, Qualcomm Foundation, Samueli Foundation, STEM Funders Network, Steinman Foundation, STEM Next Opportunity Fund, TGR Foundation, The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Foundation, The Steinman Foundation, and many other local and regional foundations that support their respective STEM ecosystems.

About TIES – Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM

TIES is a global STEM workforce and education consulting firm headquartered in Cleveland that is dedicated to making STEM accessible to everyone, especially underserved and underrepresented learners. They do this by connecting stakeholders — educators, funders, community organizations, businesses and government agencies — who, through collaborative partnerships, create meaningful and gainful STEM learning experiences. TIES designed and continues to lead the SLECoP, which was created in 2015 with the support of the STEM Funders Network. TIES has a team of consultants that provide strategic planning support and guides design, training and implementation across all services. Visit www.tiesteach.org.