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Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance

Tulsa county and northeastern Oklahoma

Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance logo


Our Mission – Building broad, deep and innovative STEM pathways for all students to access high-impact careers.

Our Vision – An abundance of diverse STEM talent fueling a more globally competitive northeastern Oklahoma.

Our Goals – TRSA is an intermediary organization that is flexible and inclusive enough to welcome all community members yet includes sufficient structure and organizational support to facilitate and coordinate the work that needs to be done. The goals of TRSA are as follows:

Calculate: Create common performance metrics for members that measure the efficacy of TRSA STEM programs and events.

Communicate: Increase awareness and access to STEM resources and activities through a centralized information sharing network to inform TRSA stakeholders and STEM advocates in the Tulsa region.

Collaborate: Use shared resources of all kinds to broaden the impact of TRSA’s dynamic “mesh network” of STEM community members.

Cultivate: Grow the STEM ecosystem in northeastern Oklahoma through robust support and initiation of STEM education events and activities while securing resources necessary for TRSA’s initiatives: Funding, Programming, Professional Development, Tulsa Resource Area for STEM Educators (TRASE) and Mentorship.


STEM drives advancement in Oklahoma’s key industries such as aerospace, energy, manufacturing, IT and agriculture.

National salaries for science and technology jobs average $74,958 annually which is more than twice the average current wage in Oklahoma.

Science and technology occupations in Oklahoma are projected to produce $14.5 billion in wages by the year 2020.

Our Promise 

The founding stakeholders of the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance (TRSA) agreed that to succeed and deliver on its promise, the TRSA must be:

  • Inclusive to ensure all impacted and concerned stakeholders would be at the table and have an equal voice.
  • Flexible in scope to be able to successfully meet the identified needs in the community.
  • Action-oriented and focused on getting things done.
  • Accountable and able to measure the impact of the work of the TRSA.

An advocate for STEM teaching and learning to ensure that education policy initiatives on a local, state and federal level appropriately identify the needs and deploy vital resources responsibly and effectively to ensure every student has access to the best possible STEM education.