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St. Louis Regional STEM Learning Ecosystem

St. Louis, MO


The St. Louis Regional STEM Learning Ecosystem (STEMSTL) is a collaborative consortium committed to equitable access to high-quality STEM learning for all students in the St. Louis metro region. With a youth-centered focus and a commitment to transparency, information sharing, data-driven decision making, and continuous improvement, the St. Louis STEM Ecosystem will advance regional STEM collaboration beyond networking and cooperation toward a common vision and agenda, shared planning and measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, and continuous communication that deepens students’ engagement with STEM and prepares them to live and thrive in a globally connected, technology-driven world.


  • BioSTL
  • Engineering Center of St. Louis
  • Harris-Stowe State University
  • James S. McDonnell Family Foundation
  • Missouri Math and Science Coalition (Missouri Chamber of Commerce)
  • National Society of Black Engineers – St. Louis
  • Parents as Teachers
  • SCOPE National
  • Saint Louis University
  • STEMPact
  • St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE)
  • St. Louis Community College
  • St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Saint Louis Science Center
  • St. Louis Student Robotics Association
  • Washington University Institute for School Partnership