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South Carolina’s STEM Ecosystem Community of Practice

South Carolina


Our STEM ecosystem is more than 25 years in the making with origins that date back to a National Science Foundation Statewide Systemic Initiative. Then as now, our drivers for action are access and equity. Over the years, we have expanded our understanding of access to include and engage in opportunities in the out of school time learning space. As such, our purpose is “To inspire learning and leadership everywhere that STEM matters.” We have grown to understand equity as a way of thinking, valuing and acting beyond simply making resources accessible. Our vision, therefore is “For all South Carolinians to exemplify world-class STEM knowledge, skills, and life/career characteristics that enable successful careers and engaged citizenship.” Our actions, as a true coalition of organizations, entities and individuals are organized around the twin assumptions that STEM is the principal driver of South Carolina’s social and economic life and therefore the strength of our communities is based on full participation of all its members in that social and economic activity.