Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem

Philadelphia, PA


The Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem encompasses the rich environment of STEM programming, education, and opportunities throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Our backbone organization, The Philadelphia Education Fund, facilitates communication and connections among Ecosystem members, and ensures the continuance of the local Ecosystem movement. Our goal is to promote just and equitable access to STEM opportunities for children and youth. Our work is made possible by the collaboration of our steering committee, workgroups and over 400 members who believe that everyone benefits when students succeed in STEM.

A new ten-year initiative was established in January 2020 between GSK and the Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem, the Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective. Its goal is to cultivate STEM equity, access, and inclusion in STEM career pathways for Philadelphia students who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM occupations.

The Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem is also a participant in the recently formed Pennsylvania Statewide STEM Ecosystem (PSSE). PSSE is a collaborative of formal and informal STEM Ecosystems across Pennsylvania. Its goal is to support all Pennsylvanians’ access to quality STEM education and career pathways, so that they may to become tomorrow’s leaders, influencers, and problem-solvers. The PSSE supports the PA STEM Coalition, an initiative under the Pennsylvania Department of Education for the purpose of uniting all STEM stakeholders from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.