Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem

Philadelphia, PA


The Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem,an initiative administered by the Philadelphia
Education Fund, seeks to improve access to and the quality of STEM education
throughout the region. Through the Ecosystem, educators, organizations, businesses,
community groups, and other STEM stakeholders build coalitions, coordinate
projects, and exchange resources and information. By participating in workgroups,
conferences, and biannual meetings, stakeholders articulate the issues facing STEM
education in Philadelphia, develop projects to build and improve STEM learning, and
take action.

Key Programs

  • Backbone Organization. As the backbone organization, the Philadelphia Education Fund sets the vision and mission, facilitates communication and connections among Ecosystem members, and ensures the continuance of the local Ecosystem movement.
  • Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is a small group of Ecosystem
    members, including Workgroup representatives, that cultivates synergy between the Ecosystem goals, activities, and Workgroups.
  • Workgroups. The Philadelphia STEM Ecosystem currently supports four
    Workgroups devoted to: 1) Computer Science; 2) Education for Sustainability; 3) Professional Development; 4) Social Justice; 5) STEM Through Sport; and 6) Workforce Development. Workgroups meet monthly and implement projects that are authentic and
  • Members. Members are stakeholders actively engaged in local STEM education
    efforts. Members organizations include schools and school districts, intermediaries and community-based organizations, museums and environmental centers, colleges and universities, government agencies, and businesses and corporations.


Our Ecosystem Steering Committee includes the following members:

Dr. Nancy Peter, Philadelphia Education Fund, Steering Committee Chair
Phil Brooks, Philadelphia Commerce Department
Dr. Victor Donnay, Bryn Mawr College
Charity Fesler, STEM Consultant
Dr. Naomi Housman, Philadelphia STEM Lab
Dr. Michele Lee, Temple University
Emily McGady, School District of Philadelphia
Betsy Payne, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel Univ.
Lesley Tewnion, Retired from GlaxoSmithKline