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Newark STEAM Coalition

Newark, NJ

Newark STEAM Coalition logo


Aspiration Statement/Vision
Newark is globally recognized as a STEAM hub of creativity, innovation, and inclusiveness creating pathways and preparing all learners for college and/or careers, attracting and inventing new business, and enabling an opportunity for prosperity for all in our community.

The Newark STEAM Coalition is to create a resource-rich ecosystem that prepares Newark’s PreK-16 students to fully participate in a 21st Century workforce. The Coalition’s goal is to develop Newark’s future STEAM workforce by closing education, access and opportunity gaps through collaborations among businesses, institutions of higher education, school district leadership, youth-service providers, science and cultural institutions and workforce development.

Design Principles
1. Increase the percentage of Newark youth entering STEAM/STEM educational and career pathways by enhancing processes that support equitable access.
2. Grow interdisciplinary learning experiences (In-school/OST) that are culturally relevant, and career focused.
3. Enhance STEAM-based learning standards (In-school/OST) to ensure that Newark learners are globally competitive.

Key Programs

Science2Science – Newark Public Schools (NPS) announced that the district is partnering with Students 2 Science (S2S), a model program that delivers rigorous problem and project-based science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education learning opportunities to students. This fall, 25 schools are participating in a pilot program where NPS students work on rigorous project-based learning activities with volunteer scientists from top scientific companies across the region. This year, 10 middle and high schools are traveling to the East Hanover Technology Center for 30 sessions total, with 250 virtual lab sessions being conducted across all 25 schools. Over the next four years, all Newark students from 5th to 12th grade will have the opportunity to engage with these programs at an anticipated new site located in Newark.

Rutgers Earth & Environmental Science and Engineering Summer Scholars Institute is a successful summer program for Newark’s middle and high school students. Established with funding from the National Science Foundation
(NSF), its mission is to expose urban minority youth to potential careers in applied Earth and environmental sciences and engineering, and encourage career interest using innovative teaching and mentoring techniques.


Traymanesha Lamy, PhD. Executive Director, Newark Thrives!

Kennisha Miles, Program Manager, Newark Charter School Fund

Barbara Heisler, CEO, GlassRoots

Dr. Alexander Gates, Distinguished Service Professor, Rutgers University – Newark, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Wendy Liscow, Education Program Director, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Donna Custard, President, NJ Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Adam Cox, Director of Engagement, Boys and Girls Club of Newark

Kathy Cree, Executive Director, LifeCamp

Ivory Williams, Instructional Specialist for Science Office, Newark Public Schools

Alejandra Ceja, Director, Panasonic Foundation

Craig Stanley, Director, Consortium for Pre-College Education in Greater Newark
Center for Pre-College Programs, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Levelle Burr-Alexander, PhD. Senior Director for Curriculum and Program
Development, Center for Pre-College Programs, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Traymanesha Lamy
Executive Director Newark Thrives!