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NEPA STEM Ecosystem

Northeastern Pennsylvania including Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming and Pike counties

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NEPA STEM Ecosystem serves all STEM stakeholders in our five county region. We consist of a wide variety of stakeholders including an intermediate unit, PreK-20 institutions, community non-profits, industry partners, the military, local government, a museum, a baseball team and other partners. Our goal is to provide rich STEM experiences and career opportunities to every youth within our collective footprint. NEPA STEM Ecosystem is committed to engaging, nurturing and producing a STEM-fluent pipeline of citizens who are ready to contribute to the STEM workforce in our region. In order to accomplish this mission, the NEPA STEM Ecosystem focuses its actions on three priorities:

Connect all stakeholders to STEM educational experiences and opportunities
Generate coherent STEM experiences for ALL young people in our community regardless of their demographics

Create and support STEM professional learning for ALL educators and administrators in the region

This region includes Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Wyoming, Wayne and Pike counties covering a geographic footprint 2889 square miles and home to over 340,000 residents.