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NC STEM Ecosystem: Driving the Future

North Carolina (Statewide)


NC STEM Ecosystem: Driving the Future is a collaborative effort focused initially on eastern NC with support from the NC Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Center, the NC STEM Learning Network and other STEM organizations and school districts. Based on the foundation of the NC STEM Learning Network, the NC STEM Ecosystem plans to nurture, enable, and encourage STEM education projects in rural eastern North Carolina. The NC STEM Learning Network helps ensure that all North Carolina students are career and college ready by engaging in rigorous and relevant STEM education. NC STEM does this by guiding implementation of the state’s coordinated STEM Strategy to increase student achievement in STEM, creating greater public support for STEM education, and building the resources necessary to make North Carolina’s STEM education the best in the country. NC STEM has developed STEM Attributes and an Implementation Rubric to assist schools and programs to become a quality STEM school or program. A STEM portal provides access to STEM resources and a STEM Scorecard provides benchmarks for STEM in North Carolina.