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MiSTEM Network

Serving the entire state of Michigan

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The MiSTEM Network – which unites education, business and community partners across the state – is creating pathways for all students to consider and pursue high-wage, high-demand careers.

Established by the MiSTEM Advisory Council, the MiSTEM Network was created to make STEM learning more accessible across the state and position more Michigan students for career success in our rapidly changing economy.

Through 16 regional hubs we encourage learning experiences beyond the physical classroom. With innovative problem-, place- and project-based (3P) learning, students take part in real-world activities that are relevant to their lives, communities and career development.

By increasing STEM learning opportunities in all communities, we will help meet the growing demand for innovative employees in Michigan and foster important social, learning and employment skills such as cooperation, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility, communication and leadership.

Our mission is to be the catalyst for equitable access and engagement in authentic STEM experiences in every community in Michigan.

MiSTEM-Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity


MiSTEM Network

Dr. Rajalakshmi Nadadur
Learning and Development Specialist @ MiSTEM