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Minnesota STEM Ecosystem

Minnesota Statewide

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The Minnesota STEM Ecosystem is a statewide STEM Network. It was created through a  cross-sector, cross-system collaboration of business, education, government, afterschool  programs, museums, non-profit and community organizations, policy leaders. The Minnesota  STEM Ecosystem is dedicated to closing the STEM learning and workforce opportunity gap. With  equity as our cornerstone, we’re bringing together expertise and resources to expand pathways,  mindsets and workforce opportunities for young people across Minnesota. 

Together we believe we can: 

  • Increase the number of young people engaged in the exploration and pursuit of STEM  career fields, especially those who don’t readily see themselves in STEM, like young  women and young people of color. 
  • Elevate positive role models in STEM from diverse backgrounds to help a broader range  of young people see themselves in STEM and support the development of their own  STEM identities. 
  • Advocate for and advance policy solutions that improve STEM path-ways, coordination,  and learning, with particular emphasis on young people who don’t readily see  themselves in STEM. 
  • Collaborate across partner institutions to expand the depth and breadth of career  exploration options to encompass a wider variety of STEM careers and disciplines. Encourage experiential, hands-on STEM learning while building bridges that connect  those STEM skills to real-world job and career opportunities.
  • Strengthen public-private partnerships and conversations to better understand and address Minnesota’s STEM-based workforce development needs.


Approach- The Minnesota STEM Ecosystem has taken a three-prong approach to ensure our  efforts are successful:  

Building Regional STEM Networks 

The Minnesota STEM Ecosystem is building the foundation of the regional STEM networks in  partnership with the Minnesota Education Cooperatives through an Asset Mapping Community  of Practice. Our process empowers regional networks with the autonomy to implement  customized place-based strategies and STEM programming that is culturally responsive and  integrates hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. 

The Minnesota Advisory Council on STEM Learning 

The purpose of the Council on STEM Learning is to support and coordinate STEM-related efforts  through cross-disciplinary exchanges between educators, employers, non-profits and other 

stakeholders in STEM. The Council will leverage the members’ collective expertise regarding the  STEM-based initiatives and identify effective programs; and promote equity centered  collaboration and partnerships in STEM learning throughout Minnesota. 

The Minnesota Advisory Council on STEM Learning is made up of 29 members representing  several state agencies, nonprofits, community and cultural organizations and business and  industry. The Council is designed to support the MN STEM Ecosystem and the regional STEM  Networks.  

Leading Collaborative Efforts in STEM Learning 

Utilizing the reach of the Minnesota STEM Ecosystem on a statewide level, we are able to lead,  connect and promote STEM-based events and learning experiences and collaborate across  partner institutions. Our approach involves a data-driven community of practice fostering  continuous learning and improvement within a shared framework. As a statewide network,  along with our learning partners, we are working collectively, exponentially multiplying our  impacts on our common objective.  


Robust cross-sector public-private partnerships create an equity-centered STEM  Ecosystem focused on engaging young people, women and marginalized groups in the  exploration and pursuit of STEM career fields. 

Founding Sponsors
Boston Scientific
Xcel Energy
Mayo Clinic
Best Buy
H.B. Fuller
Ignite Afterschool 

Learning Partners
The Minnesota Service Cooperatives
Minnesota Department of Education
Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
Minnesota State Centers of Excellence (Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture,  Healthforce, Energy, Transportation, IT)
Greater Twin Cities United Way
The Science Museum of Minnesota
The Bakken Museum
The Works Museum
STEM Forward & Future Forward
Ignite Afterschool
High Tech Kids
The National Center for Autonomous Technologies Code Savvy
Minnesota FFA Association
Minnesota HOSA
SkillsUSA Minnesota
Minnesota 4-H
Minnesota Academy of Science
Science from Scientists
Create Mpls 


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