Lincoln STEM Ecosystem (LNKSE)

Lincoln, Nebraska


The Lincoln STEM Ecosystem (LNKSE) works to build a stronger Lincoln as we grow our own professionals and become more attractive to others considering our community. Lincoln has proven to be at the top of national prominence with top ranking in number of startups, funding raised, quality and availability of broadband, and workforce characteristics. Lincoln has a robust set of industry partners with STEM-based career paths focused on training the next generation workforce. LNKSE has full support of the 1,700 member Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development which serves as the City’s economic development arm. EmployLNK, which brings together all workforce development focused agencies and nonprofits that work with youth and adults, also supports LNKSE. Schools could benefit from the development of a more integrative curriculum.

After school programming plays a key role as an early on ramp for more STEM involvement and business sector STEM partnerships to serve in high need areas that include emerging English language learners. Informal science centers, such as the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, Morrill Hall State Museum, and the Lincoln Children’s Museum provide a space where young engineers and scientists can explore and develop their identity.

The Lincoln STEM Ecosystem strives to connect, advocate, and grow:

Connect – We connect STEM education, opportunities, and organizations to each other. We seek to share best practices, encourage collaboration, and maximize STEM resources and opportunities in the Lincoln community.

Advocate – We advocate for STEM opportunities for all students. We strive to make STEM learning available to students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

Grow – We exist to help the Lincoln STEM workforce grow. Through the help of the STEM ecosystem, we can ensure STEM education and programming is deliberate, intentional, and aligns with the workforce needs of our community.


  • Build awareness of LNKSE mission & goals
  • Highlight STEM programming & activities in Lincoln
  • Showcase STEM businesses, organizations, opportunities, and careers
  • Promote student-focused STEM learning opportunities & experiences