Lincoln STEM Ecosystem (LNKSE)

Lincoln, Nebraska


The Lincoln STEM Ecosystem (LNKSE) is positioned to hit the ground running in a Midwest college town with Nebraska’s flagship Research I university, the University of Nebraska, backing the effort, including the only College of Engineering in the state. LNKSE’s purpose is increasing children’s knowledge, persistence, identity and belonging in STEM. By connecting in and out of school learning to real world application, we hope to build a stronger Lincoln as we grow our own STEM professionals. LNKSE has full support of the 1,700 member Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development which serves as the City’s economic development arm, and EmployLNK, which brings together all workforce development focused agencies and nonprofits that work with youth and adults. We will engage businesses, schools, STEM expert organizations (museums and zoos), policy makers, and after-school organizations in building a more integrative approach to education.

Key Programs

STEMixer – The STEMixer will serve as a kickoff for the Lincoln STEM Ecosystem. This annual event will keep those interested in supporting and building a STEM ecosystem at the table: businesses, schools, STEM expert organizations (museums and zoos), policy makers, and after-school organizations. This group will be transformational to Lincoln becoming a leader in STEM workforce competitiveness in Nebraska and the United States.


Dan Hohensee, Director, The Career Academy
Sally Wei, Engineering Education and Outreach Coordinator, UNL College of Engineering
Bryan Seck, Director of Workforce Development, Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development
Tiffany Mousel, Community Outreach Specialist, Lincoln Electric System (LES) Trish Wonch Hill, Interim Director – Methodology and Evaluation Research Core Facility, University of Nebraska
Anna Wishart, Senator, Nebraska Legislature
Nola Derby-Bennett, Community Learning Centers Director, Lincoln Public Schools Jeff Cole, Network Lead, Beyond School Bells
Tracy Bohaboj, Team Leader – Engineering, Duncan Aviation
Tiffany Heng-Moss, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Jessilyn Vraspir, Continuous Improvement, Lincoln Public Schools