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Kenya National STEM Learning Ecosystem



The Kenya National Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Learning Ecosystem (NSLE, Kenya) was established in 2019 to build synergy for STEM and Invention Education. The Ecosystem is convened by Kenya’s Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat (https://vision2030.go.ke/ ) and co-convened by ISCHOOLCLIMATE Consultants (www.ischoolclimate.org. ) and Microsoft Garage. The ecosystem is made up of partners representing public (KSEF, CEMASTEA, National Museums of Kenya, etc.) and private education, business and industry, after-school providers, non-profits, STEM-rich institutions, government and philanthropy. ​Ecosystem partners work toward shared goals to improve STEM opportunities for all and necessary skills for an economy yet to be conceived and ensuring policies meet 22nd century needs.​ The ecosystem works to influence government policies on STEM pathway. Through the ecosystem, members have been able to carry out various activities such as hack-a-thon for high school students, EXPLORE Café, national robotics and coding challenge, teacher trainings among others.

Infographic from Kenyan STEM Ecosystem