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Hawai’iloa ecosySTEM Cabinet

State of Hawai'i


Our proposed STEM learning ecosystem will focus on seven major themes with a representative champion who serves within a system or strategic function. System partners provide direct services to learners, organizations, and communities such as community-based, culture-focused programs or wrap-around support needs. While strategic partners center energy as architects in multi-agency, cross-partnership alignment towards coordinated efforts such as policy development, data sharing, and funding strategies. We are building worlds for possibilities and promise. Our tools are formed with resurrected wisdom and traditional values of our island culture like the sea-faring voyagers of the Hokule’a who navigate using the constellations. Our sail plan will be guided by a theory of action with the ultimate vision of a thriving culture of innovation. To journey there, we are charting seven pathways in the stars and a captain for each to lead: – Educational Institutions and school community voices – Professional development and capacity-builders – Industry partners and workforce recruitment specialists -Sustainability warriors -Equity and access advocates -Funders and investors -STEM-rich institution innovators We look forward to this journey on the world’s oceans with our fellow STEM ecosystem voyagers!