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Greater Bridgeport STEM Learning Ecosystem

Bridgeport, CT

Greater Bridgeport STEM Learning Ecosystem logo


The Greater Bridgeport STEM Ecosystem recognizes the importance of strong STEM competency across generations and the role STEM skills play in promoting a vibrant local economy. All of our partners are working to understand what it means to become a member of the STEM Learning Ecosystem Community of Practice and how will our community, businesses, and education systems benefit from it. Local nonprofits, universities, the science museum, the regional business council, STEM employers, and the Bridgeport School District all participate in this work and are engaged in strategizing to develop a shared vision, planning and prioritizing design principles including promoting STEM literacy for all, strengthening the local STEM workforce pipeline, and promoting intergenerational STEM learning opportunities. We will pursue this work with a focus on developing local students’ social emotional, technical, creative, logical, critical thinking skills, and exposure of STEM concepts beginning in elementary school. Partners are already providing an array of programs including academic enrichment, youth development, college prep, camps, job training and re-training including technical and trades skills training, and professional development for educators. We aim to build connections across these activities to amplify our impact for the children and families we serve.