Great Lakes Bay Regional STEM Initiative

Great Lakes Bay Region, MI


The Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance (GLBRA), a consortium of business, education, and community interests, recognized that the future vitality of its economy was dependent on developing a STEM Talent Pipeline. The STEM Impact Initiative was launched in the Spring of 2014 when GLBRA contracted with Accenture and Innovate+Educate to develop a comprehensive analysis of STEM in the region and develop a strategy with specific recommendations. The final report – entitled “Building a Robust STEM Talent Pipeline in the Great Lakes Bay Region” – identified four sets of key requirements for a high-performing STEM region: (1) Driven by Employer Demand; (2) Powered by Career and College Ready Students; (3) Focused on Strengthening Technical Skills Needed for the Economy; and (4) Sustained by a Culture of STEM.

Key Programs

Out-of-School Time Network – The Out-of-School Time network promotes extracurricular STEM activities throughout the region and assists with professional development and equitable access to programs.

Employer Talent Pipeline Initiative – The Employer Talent Pipeline works across industry and education sector lines to create and implement a model for employer-driven experiential learning opportunities.

Middle School Math – The STEM Networks facilitated by Central Michigan University and Saginaw Valley State University promote the evidence-based middle school math program ST MATH (Mind Research Institute) and two nationally recognized teacher development programs to improve middle school math achievement. The teacher programs are modeled after the Virginia Mathematics Specialist Program and Professional Learning Communities.

Bedtime Math – The Bedtime math app is promoted within the region as a parent engagement tool that can assist with early numeracy skills and readiness for kindergarten.

Math in the Mail – Math in the mail develops math skills in three-year-olds by giving them tools needed for parents/caregivers to instruct their child at home. Six kits are delivered to the homes of low-income students through a generous grant from the Dow Corning Foundation.

Computer Science – A call to action for computer science has led to the collection of data and gathering of regional stakeholders to begin a computer science initiative.


  • Dow Chemical Corporation
  • Nexteer Automotive
  • Consumers Energy
  • GLB MiWorks!
  • Delta College
  • Mid Michigan Community College
  • Saginaw Valley State University
  • Central Michigan University
  • MSU STEM Research Center
  • Davenport University
  • K-12 School District Leaders
  • Mind Research
  • Regional Community Foundations and Chamber Organizations

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Additional Information

2017 STEM Impact Initiative Summit