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Northern Israel

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Two New Israeli STEM Ecosystems

ECOSTEM21 Nahariaת lead by Dana Weinstein and ECOSTAEM21 Kiryat Shmona lead by Dudo Ami

The two new ecosystems are located in cities in the northern periphery of the State of Israel. Each of them develops according to the geographical and occupational uniqueness that characterizes it.

Nahariya is located on the Mediterranean Sea and close to many tourist sites, Kiryat Shmona leads the regional development of an industry in the field of foodtech together with academic and research institutions located near the city.

Both are part of the STEM Ecosystem model called ECOSTEM21 of Rashi Foundation.
The STEM Ecosystem model of Rashi in Israel strengthens the capacity of the local authorities to maximize social mobility opportunities for their residents. One of the key drivers of social mobility is an environment that supports STEM education and development of 21st century skills – the younger generation’s tools for tomorrow.