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Movimiento STEM is a civil association that, by triggering a systemic change in Latin America and the Caribbean, seeks that the key players implement quality STEM Education to close gaps and solve the great challenges of the 21st Century.

Highest representative body of the STEM Ecosystem in the region. Initiative endorsed by Global STEM Alliance and STEM Learning Ecosystems.

Movimiento STEM has an intervention model to align programs, trigger dialogue at the highest level, generate strategic links and promote the quality of STEM Education in the region.

The Ecosistema STEM (translated as STEM Ecosystem) consists of the alliance of more than 120 institutions through which we catalyze programs and tools that generate exponential growth of STEM Education in the country and region.

From its systemic vision, the Ecosistema STEM connects various types of social and economic actors, since achieving a profound change in the structures that support and encourage the development of STEM cannot be an isolated task, but inclusive, participatory and with committed wills from diverse scopes. That is why it carries out actions with people and institutions such as teachers and school communities; youth, families and children; EduSTEM institutions; specialists networks; academia and research centers; innovation centers and entrepreneurs; business and business organizations; media; government, and international organizations.

Some of the most relevant activities carried out in collaboration with the Ecosistema STEM:

  • As of March 2018, the Ecosistema STEM started taking shape and developing its intervention model, and it was officially launched in April 2019 with 41 institutions. Today this number has grown exponentially.
  • In November 2019, we created the Competencies Management Committee “Ecosistema STEM” to certify teachers and STEM professionals who develop STEM pedagogical practices, with official validity nationwide. The first standard developed, Implementation of the STEM/STEAM Methodology, became officially available in July 2021, raising regional interest.
  • Since 2020, we have been carrying out yearly collaborative congresses focused on relevant STEM Education contents: STEM competencies to solve the great challenges of humanity for the resilience of countries (2020), going from speech to action to increase the presence of girls and women in STEM through territorial strategies (2021), and taking practical STEM Education to preschool and elementary education (2022).
  • Additionally, every year we bring together diverse Ecosystem actors to develop events that cover specific topics in briefer formats, such as meetups, celebrations and forums, as well as webinars.
  • Starting 2020, we have been rewarding the exceptional work of teachers who are transforming the development of STEM Education in the country, through the STEM Talent Award: National Teacher Prize Mexico, in which the winner is awarded 1 million pesos. Different Ecosystem members have been taking part in organizing the initiative, rewarding finalists and the winner and connecting with them. In 2022, we launched the National Student Prize Mexico, to find and praise the best students with interest in these areas, who can win one of 50 scholarships for higher education and the winner, 100,000 pesos.
  • The STEM Education for Mexico Strategy is an integral initiative to listen to the voices of the business, academic and government sectors, EduSTEM institutions, international organizations, among others, to detect barriers and define national priorities to have the talent of the future and contribute to economic growth. Through these collaborative sessions, we reach agreements, build relevant research and documents to ground STEM Education, such as cross-sector Visions of Success for STEM Education, the STEM Implementation Guide for Mexico and STEM indicators for Mexico. Besides constructing relations, knowledge and awareness, we ultimately seek to influence public policy.
  • We carry out specific programs and initiatives with national and Latin American actors that seek to create a favorable environment for the impulse of STEM Education in their areas of influence, and are currently working to bring useful practices based on evidence for territories to build their own mechanisms to connect, co-create, sustain and strengthen STEM Education that responds to their needs, capabilities and long term goals.

We work relentlessly for a region with invincible talent to face the challenges of the 21st century

Ecosistema STEM launch

Ecosistema STEM launch


Graciela Rojas Montemayor – Founder and President
(52 1) 55 3996 1823

Laura Segura Guzmán – Research and Institutional Strengthening Manager
(52 1) 55 8096 9449

María Rosa Araiza Flores- Institutional Relations Manager
(52 1) 55 6611 0174