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We are a committed movement, determined to respond to the urgent call for the transformation of Latin American educational systems. CONASTEM is a part of Fundación Tejer Ideas (Weaving Ideas Foundation), a non-profit organization based in Bogotá, Colombia. Our members include professionals in education, engineering, science, mathematics, and various other fields. We are dedicated to disseminating and creating STEM knowledge, providing training for educational leaders, and promoting engagement from early childhood education through structured higher education. We actively contribute to the global STEM community, aiming to enhance STEM education and opportunities for students of all ages.

Furthermore, we actively collaborate with policymakers, academia, private sector entities, and educational institutions, both public and private, spanning schools to universities. This collaboration is central to our unwavering pursuit of systemic change and progress.


Jairo Botero- jairo.botero@conastem.org