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Colorado STEM

Colorado (Statewide)

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CO STEM 2.0 joined the SLECoP in March of 2022. The definition of STEM we are using in this Ecosystem crosses all disciplines and supports broad pathways to career and/or college. Our efforts support cross-sector networking and partnership building across the state, with a special focus on leveling opportunities for underserved regions and communities. We have been working hard to build innovative networking visualization tools that we are sharing open source throughout the SLECoP, built on the open-source platform called Kumu. CO STEM welcomes individuals and organizations in Colorado, national organizations that operate in Colorado or would like to and interested third party observers.

We are operating two Kumu maps: one is public facing and represents connections between Ecosystem organizations but does not include personal information. The other is password protected and available to members who join the network by filling out a Google form. Information from the form instantly populates the Kumu visualization, offering everyone who joins the network real utility for collaborating. Filters on the Kumu visualization include sector; STEM programming; region; and haves and needs. You can also hide or show individuals associated with each organization. All these filters can be used to support matchmaking between members of the Ecosystem. Potential applications for these tools include public and private grantmaking, outreach, volunteering, research, collaboration, policy work, mentoring, workforce development, job postings, scholarships, and STEM events.

Colorda STEM Ecosystem Document

Colorda STEM Ecosystem Document

Colorda STEM Ecosystem Document