Central Massachusetts STEM Network Ecosystem

Central MA Region


Providing the underserved youth of Central MA with engaging STEM experiences

We believe that engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) experiences provide youth with a foundation for success, and we believe that all youth should have these opportunities. Since 2004, the Central MA STEM Network (CMSN) has provided thousands of youth with a variety of exciting experiences that include: classroom STEM experiences and science fair project support, out-of-school time STEM activities, and STEM festivals, as well as professional development for STEM educators. The CMSN Ecosystem is a partnership among businesses, government, non-profits, educational institutions, schools, teachers, families, and youth that enables collaborations for deep and wide-scale impacts in our communities. Our mission to nurture youth who experience low-income and under-representation with engaging STEM experiences throughout Central Massachusetts.

Students gathered at a Central MA tech event

Students gathered at a Central MA tech event