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Overview – This course offers the plan for how the NeoSTEM Ecosystem developed, designed, launched and iterated Wir’ED, a program that pays students for using their online skills to improve the digital presence of community businesses and organizations. 

Learning Objectives – At the end of this course, ecosystem leaders will be able to:

  • Form a plan for replication of Wir’ED in their own communities.
  • Categorize the types of support they will need for replication of Wir’Ed.
  • Identify the needed steps for replication of Wir’Ed.
  • Understand why this type of “learn and earn” program could be valuable for their communities.

Contents – 

Quick Start Guide – This is a quick explanation of many aspects of the program and offers a general road map for replicating it. 

Overview video – This 14-minute video offers a general explanation of the program, including some interviews with students who participated. 

One-sheet – This is a simple description of the program operation in Northeast Ohio. It can be customized for your community. 

Press releases – These press releases, which can also be customized, were used to promote the WIR’ED project.

Funder Letters & Proposal Language – These are sample letters that were used to raise funds for the Wir’Ed project.

Meeting Videos – These are the recordings of weekly Wir’Ed meetings among students, marketing professionals and business and organizational leaders.

Student Application Form – This form, which can be copied and customized, can be used to collect students applicants.

Business Application Form – This form, which can be copied and customized, can be used to collect business applications. (Please be prepared to complete applications for some businesses who may not have the technical abilities or equipment.)

Ready to Go? – Want to bring Wir’Ed to your community? We have a team of students and others ready to work with you to bring Wir’Ed to your community. Contact us to learn more. AlyssaBriggs@TiesTeach.org