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How is your Ecosystem building and sustaining relationships with business and industry?

Are your relationships thriving?Are you struggling?

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Strong partnerships are the key to building thriving Ecosystems and communities. Across K-12 districts, out of school providers, museums, governments and businesses, Ecosystems are forging relationships and helping build sustainable partnerships. We have spoken to so many of you about building such partnerships – what works, what questions you still have and even what you are struggling with – and partnerships with business and industry continues to be a hot topic.

This conversation is a discussion with Ecosystem leaders doing well in this space. Listen to Ecosystem leaders share the importance of sustainable relationships with business and industry and how you might be able to do this in your community.


  • Reginald McGregor, Indiana STEM Ecosystem, Rolls Royce
  • Scott Fry, Mid-America STEM Ecosystem
  • Celeste Sciandra, Northeast Florida STEM2 Hub
  • Xan Black, Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance