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8 Takeaways from Free Math Resources Webinar with Bedtime Math Founder, Laura Overdeck



The STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice invited Laura Overdeck, founder of Bedtime Math, to speak on a free webinar Thursday, March 19, 2020, for people around the world as part of the STEM@Home series, a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you weren’t able to join us, you can view the recording. All webinar details organized as part of STEM@Home can be found on the Webinar Series page.

Here are a few of the key takeaways and resources:

  1. Laura is the author of several books designed to ignite kids’ curiosity and learning in math through fun bedtime stories and activities:
    1. Bedtime Math: A Fun Excuse to Stay Up Late
    2. Bedtime Math: The Truth Comes Out
    3. Bedtime Math: This Time It’s Personal
    4. How Many Guinea Pigs Can Fit on a Plane?
  2. You can learn more about Laura, Bedtime Math, Crazy 8s (the after-school club) and more on their website:
  3. Laura cited research showing the impact of the Bedtime Math app on kids’ math skills (U. Chicago 2015) as well as the startling link between brain structure and future math skills (Stanford 2015)
  4. Laura spent time sharing some of the games available on Cabin Fever Math, such as:
    1. Beach Ball Party
    2. M&M March Madness
    3. Face-Off
    4. Funny Money
    5. Get a Jump On It
    6. Pirate Treasure Hunt
    7. Take Flight
  5. Each Cabin Fever Math Activity includes instructions and materials lists.  These directions can be adapted to work equally well for teachers to use in their classrooms once in-person learning returns.
  6. Laura gave a shout-out to the New York Hall of Science and their resource, “Fraction Mash
  7. Bedtime Math’s Teacher PD is currently available only in the New Jersey/NYC metro area, but remote options may be coming soon. In the meantime, NJ educators can learn more here.

Bedtime Math doesn’t create math songs yet, but there are some great ones available at Flocabulary.