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Emmet Decker Photo

It’s hard to believe that just a few short weeks ago all 89 communities of the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice were together for our bi-annual Convening in San Antonio, Texas.

Together, in March 2020, STEM Ecosystems gathered to learn more about how to best enable tomorrow’s problem solvers as key for our shared prosperity. With a convening focus on invention, innovation and entrepreneurship, STEM Ecosystems looked at how to develop pathways towards careers that leverage their passions and solve some of our world’s greatest challenges.

During this convening, we heard from many young people about their perspectives and even about some inventions that had created themselves. No one in the audience could forget San Antonio 9th grader Emmet Decker and his enthusiasm for learning.

We asked Emmett to join us virtually to give us his thoughts at this time. Here’s what Emmett had to say.

First, Emmett gave us his take on COVID-19.

Then, we asked Emmett what he was doing for fun during the pandemic.

Emmett Decker is a 9th grade student at NEISD STEM Academy in San Antonio Texas. His interest and passion have always been in engineering. His experience is in engineering concepts, robotics, team building, leading group discussions, and conducting presentations.