Elevator Pitch Boot Camp

Elevator Pitch Boot Camp
May 17, 2022

Tuesday: 1:45-2:30 PM

Messaging or telling the story (for any type of funder)

Messaging from Strategic Advisory Council leaders on why their organizations invest in the SLECoP

Outline of Session

  • Intro – Reginald McGregor, Rolls Royce
  • Who are you (locally, nationally, mission, vision, your key partners, your sustainment etc)?- Casey Welch, Tallo
  • What is the message  – Engagement not gifting –  David Turner, Siemens
  • Elevator Pitch Bootcamp – Crafting your Message – Paula Golden, Broadcom
  • Make the ASK!!! – Natalie Dusi,Qualcomm

Bring to the session: 1-3 pieces of information about your ecosystem that you use regularly in explaining the impact of your ecosystem. If you have an elevator pitch that you already use, please bring it as well.

Interactive Activity: After refining your storytelling skills, you will practice your revised elevator pitch with members of the Strategic Advisory Council who are attending the convening so that they can provide feedback and tips on ways to make the pitch even stronger

Take away: Participants will walk away with a better understanding of the key elements of the elevator pitch.  They will also leave with a new and improved elevator pitch to use in effectively telling the story of their organization’s work in the community.

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