Ecosistema STEAM



In Movimiento STEAM we generate alliances and actions that allow the strategic linkage between key actors to position STEAM Education on the country’s public and social agenda.

Among other initiatives, we lead the Ecosistema STEAM, which promotes and integrates EduSTEAM institutions, organizations and providers to generate the exponential growth of STEAM Education in Mexico.

We have various training, visibility, linking and support programs that facilitate communication and connections between members and ensures the continuity of actions. We are the voice of the STEAM Ecosystem before the government and stakeholders.

Ecosistema STEAM classification:

  • Ecosistema STEAM Friend: EduSTEAM Specialists, Organizations and Institutions interested in knowing the environment, members and activities of the Ecosystem and becoming promoters of Movimiento STEAM.
  • Ecosistema STEAM Associate: Specialists, Organizations and Institutions in EduSTEAM that wish to actively participate in activities of the Ecosystem through various strategic lines.
  • Ecosistema STEAM Ally: Key Organizations and Institutions of STEAM Education in Mexico with the ability to carry out strategic collaborations that strengthen the Ecosystem and consolidate the actions of Movimiento STEAM.

Most relevant activities carried out in collaboration with the Ecosistema STEAM:

  • As of March 2018, the Ecosistema STEAM started taking shape and developing its intervention model, and it was officially launched in April 2019 with 41 institutions. Today this number has grown exponentially, currently reaching 120 institutions.
  • In November 2019, we created the Competencies Management Committee “Ecosistema STEAM” to certify teachers and STEAM professionals in the pedagogical practices with which they develop Competencies in STEM; this certification will have nationwide validity.
  • In June 2020 we carried out the STEAM 2020 Virtual Summit to introduce different audiences to STEM competencies, their importance to solve the great challenges of humanity and their relevance to the resilience of countries. The Ecosistema STEAM led and participated in many of the 28 sessions of this event.
  • In September 2020 we started bringing international EduSTEAMs with operations or interest in Mexico, into the Ecosistema STEAM.
  • In October 2020, we rewarded the exceptional work of teachers who are transforming the development of STEAM Education in the country, through the Extraordinary Teachers Award: National Teacher Prize Mexico. Different Ecosystem members took part in organizing the initiative, rewarded finalists and the winner and connected with them. They also participated as presenters, panelists and speakers in the Extraordinary Teachers Meetup 2020.

We are currently working on the STEAM Education Strategy for Mexico, bringing together all the voices of key actors and decision makers related to or interested in STEAM Education to generate a shared vision about STEAM Education and the fundamental aspects to consider for its correct implementation in the country. Different Ecosystem members have been involved in the discussions and working sessions.